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Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Ed Flood has and will fight each and every day to ensure that our community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Read on to learn about the issues at hand, and what Ed will do to tackle them.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is essential to create a strong, prosperous state. There is a mass exodus out of New York because many families can no longer afford to live here. This is unacceptable! We must eliminate waste, cut taxes and get our spending under control to ensure our children have a bright future. To get us back on the right track, I will:

  • Reintroduce: A- 6093 (2015-16). This bill creates a moratorium on all unfunded mandates and creates "regional mandate relief councils" to determine if they are necessary orders.

  • Reintroduce: A-5127(2015-16). This bill would require a "Fiscal Impact Statement" on taxpayers. It would also note the source of funding on all bills introduced. It's time for transparency in Albany!

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Election Integrity

There is nothing more American than being able to participate in our Democracy. New Yorkers deserve to feel confident that their voices will be heard at the ballot box. In order to preserve our most sacred traditions, I will reintroduce: A-9041 (2017-18) to ensure free and fair elections. This bill will:

  • Require identification to vote.

  • Allow citizens to obtain free state identification for the purposes of voting if unable to pay the fee.

  • Restore confidence in our electoral process.

Police Cars


"Progressive" criminal justice reforms have caused an unprecedented spike in crime. It's not too late; we can turn New York around and return to safe, secure communities. To get tough on crime, I propose the following measures:

  • Put an end to bail reform.

  • End dangerous reforms that make us less safe such as the “Less is More Act” and “Raise the Age”.

  • Fight vigorously against the “Clean Slate Act”.

  • Give power back to our Judges so they can keep dangerous criminals behind bars.

  • Support law enforcement.

  • Reintroduce: A – 8369 (2015-16) “Angelica’s Law”, which would make it a felony after driving on a license that has been suspended 10 times.

  • Give crime victims a voice and much-needed support.

School Bus & Children


Equip our children with the skills necessary to succeed and thrive in the 21st Century world.
-Unify parents, teachers and administrators to provide the best educational programs available to our children.
-Examine State education mandates and eliminate waste.
-Demand curriculum transparency. 
-Advocate for parental choice in education.
-Promote trade schools for students that are not college-bound.

Donation Center


-End all COVID-related mandates.
-Work to reinstate employees who lost their jobs to COVID-related mandates.

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Law & Order Is Needed

Democrats are soft on crime.
We deserve so much more…It’s time for a change.

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